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Rhone Away Success

Things so often happen in pairs, and after reading Matt Walls‘ really interesting article on Saint-Joseph in last month’s Decanter, I was invited by… 851 more words


Day 45: The Donkey's Jawbone

A garrulous donkey believed itself to be the descendant of Balaam’s ass, the first talking animal outside of Narnia (or at least, the first one a human bothered to listen to… eventually). 296 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

As You Wish

Just a short time ago, I had to mention the Centenary of the Armenian Martyr’s Day and I had mentioned that I had never had a bottle of wine from Armenia; I have had beer and brandy, just not beer. 599 more words


Today’s pics (miniserie) Sexy Satele-Shan! (cosplay by Zorah@CE) 32 more words

Can you look through a laser-sabre? Bastila Shan says: wtfofcYoucan!:)))

(cosplayed by Zorah) Battle Meditation rule