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More proof: Dogs are Awesome

In one of those moments of life synergy and synchonicity, the podcast that popped up yesterday on my daily dogwalk was a great episode from Interfaith Voices. 196 more words


Intolerant Hellenism: The Agents of Angra Mainyu

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The central tenets of Zoroastrianism, considered by many, if not most, as a monotheistic religion in the same vein as the Abrahamic faiths, has as its central tenet a dualistic vision of the world where the cosmic forces of good lead by the Supreme Being Ahura Mazda are at war with the forces of evil lead by the devil Angra Mainyu. 724 more words


Cultivating Vultures to Restore a Mumbai Ritual - NYTimes.com

My student teacher pointed this article from 2012 out to me today, as we were discussing Zoroastrian rituals in class. Seems that environmental factors were killing off the vultures that usually fed at the Towers of Silence in the Zoroastrian tradition. 32 more words


Zoroastrianism – The Rise and Growth of Parsis in British India

In the earlier post, I focused on the rise of Zoroastrianism in the Persian Empire and how Zoroastrians were persecuted which led them to migrate from their homeland to India and other parts of the world. 1,476 more words


Zoroastrianism: Beginnings and Endings

Lately I’ve been trying to teach my World Religions class about Zoroastrianism. I say trying because in the past two weeks we’ve had only 1.5 days of class, meaning I have only seen my WR students once. 485 more words


Intolerant Hellenism: Alexander the Accursed

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Alexander the Great is one of the best known generals and conquerors in history. He created an empire that extended from Macedon to Northwest India that included Egypt in Africa. 2,787 more words


Zoroastrianism - The Rise and Fall and the Migration of the Early Settlers

Back in 1999, when Internet was a new term for me, I started my online writing journey on Yahoo! Geocities that allows subscribers to create their own Web pages through their online software. 1,293 more words