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Correspondences 4 Online

The latest issue of Correspondences: Online Journal for the Academic Study of Western Esotericism is online in its entirety. This issue covers a wide range of material, including ancient and medieval currents ranging from Gnosticism and the Zohar to Zoroastrianism and early Christian mysticism. 17 more words

Question of the Week: In what tradition is "Wise Lord" Ahura Mazda opposed by "Destructive Spirit" Anghra Mainyu?

 Q: In what tradition is “Wise Lord” Ahura Mazda opposed by “Destructive Spirit” Anghra Mainyu?

A: Click here to find out.

The IFLC would like to help foster our understanding of one another by using our newsletter as a forum for you to ask these questions. 44 more words

Is it true that Christians simply copied the teachings and images of other religions like Hinduism, Egyptian and others?

Is it true that Christians simply copied the teachings and images of other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Egyptian and others?

Someone sent me a message through FB and shared the link that contained information questioning teachings of Christians. 1,134 more words


Who Created The Image of Zarathushtra?

Zoroastrianism is an iconoclastic religion which abhors veneration of symbols and religious images.  Though these are visible during the Achaemenian dynasty, the Zoroastrian iconoclast movement during the early Sassanian period purged it completely.  1,603 more words


Is Marriage a Contract between a Man and a Woman or with the Clergy?

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Acknowledging the right of all non-Muslims to follow their respective personal laws, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) of Pakistan declared that Shariah laws allowed all non-Muslims to practice their religions on all matters pertaining to marriage or divorce. 1,310 more words


The Unbearable Niceness of Being

“Too nice is neighbor’s fool”
Dutch proverb

“It’s nice to be nice to the nice.”
-Frank Burns, M.A.S.H.

Who among us has not been amazed and appalled by how mean and rude some people can be? 1,404 more words

Sifting dichotomies

(Originally published 06/08/13 at Trojan Horse Productions.  Republished here 10/30/13.)

In recent days, I’ve spent much time trying to sort out my understandings of Good and Evil, order and chaos, darkness and light. 263 more words

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