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A Note on Mšunia Kušṭa

The phrase Mšunia Kušṭa Məšonni Košṭa has occasioned the spillage of considerable ink, at least relative to the degree to which that commodity has been spilled in the service of Mandaic Philology. 1,079 more words

Doctrine Of John

From The Vast Land - Kamarikan

Sì ora parlerò dei due Spiriti dell’esistenza all’inizio del mondo, quando il virtuoso si è rivolto al malvagio: “Nulla tra di noi due concorda: né il pensiero, né l’insegnamento, né la volontà, né la fede, né le parole, né le azioni, né le concezioni del mondo, né le nostre anime stesse… 98 more words

Disco Della Settimana

Famine, Plagues, and Anti-Christs

The 18th chapter of the right-hand volume of the Great Treasure (ginza rba) represents a dramatic break from the rest of the text, no more so than in its genre. 1,167 more words

Doctrine Of John

Chamrosh - From the Vastland

When I first saw the name From the Vastland I assumed that the band was going to be some sort of Behemoth cover band. Boy was I wrong, and I could not be happier to be so foolish. 551 more words



The blood had pooled in the middle of the road, crawling slowly through the cracks around the body. The body, that of a young man aged 26, was sprawled out with his head slumped to the left. 426 more words