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Original Home of the Magi?

One of the seven great houses of the Parthian Empire (which ruled parts of Persia from 247 BC–224 AD) was the House of Mihran. I believe the blood line of the magi can be traced through these houses and especially Mihran due to their coming from the city of Ray in modern Iran; also called Rhaga. 192 more words

‘The Multimedia Yasna’ research project awarded European Research Council grant

Good news for Zoroastrian and Avesta studies! AIIT trustee Almut Hintze, Zartoshty Brothers Professor of Zoroastrianism at SOAS University of London, has been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator Grant of just under €2.5 million (ca. 407 more words


Zoroastrian Empire of Iran

The term “Aryan” comes from Indo-Iranian *arya-, and was used by the Indo-Iranians to designate themselves.
In the Greek sources”, Herodotus in his Histories remarks about the Iranian Medes that: 276 more words


Magi and 'Fire Temples'

Zoroastrian Magi have always had a connection with fire.

But through the first 500 years of modern history, Magi were in a phase that rejected the idea of a place of worship and were radically against a temple of any sort.   92 more words

Zoroastrian Ceremonies !

What Is This ?
A Clue >
It is Common between
Vedic Hindus` & Ancient Zoroastrians`
religious Ceremony !


The Love of TRUTH in Ancient Iran

Author, Dr. Stanley Insler ( Chairman of Linguistics Department at Yale University. Columbia )

Herodotus, the Greek historian who was a contemporary of the great King Darius of ancient Iran, wrote in his remarkable history that the Persians esteemed the truth above all things. 874 more words


Sacred Avesta : Ahunavad Gatha :Yasna 31:22

O, Mazda Ahura, the wise and clever man is the person who realizes the truth and is aware of the Lord’s Law by His thought. He protects the Truth and Purity through His spiritual power, and will neither speak nor act except in Truth. 34 more words