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Zoroastrianism: The Father of Monotheism

Zoroastrianism is an ancient Iranian religon founded in the 6th century BCE that emphasized the concepts of cosmological dualism and monotheism. The faith was founded by a Persian prophet by the name of Zarathustra (Greek: Zoroaster) and he introduced the concept of the belief in one God. 409 more words

Shahnameh: Kai Kaous Committeth More Follies

Kai Kaous Committeth More Follies

Whilom the fancy seized upon the Shah of Iran that he would visit his empire, and look face to face upon his vassals, and exact their tribute. 3,181 more words


Shahnameh: Rustem


Now ere the son of Zal was born, Rudabeh was sore afflicted, and neither by day nor night could she find rest. Then Zal in his trouble bethought him of the Simurgh, his nurse, and how she had given unto him a feather that he might use it in the hour of his need. 4,703 more words


Shahnameh: Zal and Rudabeh

Zal and Rudabeh

Anon it came about that Zal desired to see the kingdom. And he set forth, and there followed after him a goodly train, and when they had journeyed a while they marched with pomp into Cabul. 6,748 more words


Shahnameh: Zal


Seistan, which is to the south of Iran, was ruled by Saum, the Pehliva, girt with might and glory, and, but for the grief that he was childless, his days were happy. 2,173 more words



“She is drooj – a magus of the ancient world.”

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Here’s the first of a projected series of posts on some of the terminology used in the Glenaster Chronicles, and – hopefully – I’ll be writing about some of the main characters and places, etc. 242 more words


New Video - "does water kill"

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As promised, my latest work is now online.

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This work is an exploration of a Zoroastrian text from The Zend Avesta, Part I, translated by James Darmesteter in1880. 347 more words

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