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I’m at it again. Blogging. Maybe I’ll stick to it this time!

Anyway! Welcome to Tea and Sorcery! This blog focuses on my life as a practising witch, tarot reader, spider whisperer and creator of things. 1,043 more words



I was very involved with the Christian church when I was a kid. Part of the reason was that I really liked it. Sunday school and other Bible lessons were kind of like regular school in that we were memorizing information and doing activities and having contests about what we knew, and since I liked regular school, it’s logical that I enjoyed Sunday school too. 1,082 more words

A To Z Challenge

Zoroastrianism: Speaking the Language of Heart and Mind

Communication is at the core of our very existence. We are very passionate about sharing our thoughts, views, concepts, and many other things that is on our mind and heart. 1,515 more words


3 Ancient Religions You Might Not Have Known Were Still Around

Ever been reading those history books you have lying around and thought, “What a crazy religion that is. I wonder what those people were like…”? 757 more words

The Faravahar

Nowruz is the first day of spring , the first day of Persian new year (2574, 1394, 1436, 2015). Since Zoroastrians celebrate Nowruz as the first day, therefore I decided to write some lines about the Zoroastrian sign, the Faravahar.   154 more words


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Celebrate Persian New Year with Kookoo Sabzi

This week we’re bringing you a delicious recipe for Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which is this Saturday, March 21st. Last year we posted a recipe for Sabzi Polo Mahi along with a history of the holiday and the traditions behind it. 665 more words