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Man is the Pasture of Being, Part 2: Sky Burial, Mostly Persian

This blog post is a preliminary sketch of what and when medieval Western Europe (hereafter, for simplicity’s sake, “medieval” or “medieval people”) would have known about funerary practices of exposing bodies to be eaten by dogs or birds (i.e., “sky burial”). 2,927 more words


Current projects--And the odd ways of cats

There are always a hundred ideas or more in my brain on what to write, but of course organizing and writing anything is a slow process. 183 more words


How did Judaism outlive its Afro-Asiatic neighbors?

One thing that’s always puzzled me is how Judaism managed to outlive its Mediterranean neighbors. The only other religion that managed to survive from antiquity is Zoroastrianism. 1,168 more words


The Garden at the Edge of the Desert

My arrival in Yazd was far from smooth, but it was saved from being an absolute disaster by several mitigating factors (chief among them the fact that I eventually made it into town). 3,735 more words

A Few Links On Zoroastrianism -Thread

This religion is so ancient and unique, and it deserves to be discussed. It’s generally considered to be the origin for hell, and many concepts of later Judaism & Christianity. 1,312 more words

Christ Stole Theology From Zoroastrianism

Which religion influenced the others more? How many Christians, Jews or Muslims know that Zoroastrianism predated all of them, and is the source of hell and the good vs evil dynamic? 479 more words

Tower of Silence

 The 3,000 year old Sky Burial tradition of Zoroastrianism involved placing corpses in the upper levels of a circular structure, to be eaten by vultures, then throwing the sun-bleached bones into the sea. 36 more words

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