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#82 - Project Extra: The Legacy of Christopher Hitchens


This episode of the podcast is a bonus audio edition ahead of a full-length episode to follow. Aidan’s guest is Eric Pratt, who for over 20 years was an aggressively active member of the Mormon Church, including two years spent as a proselytizing Mormon missionary. 120 more words


A to Z: Jahi

This is another one, I have to admit, where it was the character design that cemented my choice.  Looking at the real story behind this one leaves me all the more intrigued, though… 1,172 more words

Mythological Rambling

Shahnameh: The Defeat of Afrasiyab

The Defeat of Afrasiyab

Mourning and sorrow filled the heart of Afrasiyab because of his defeat, and he pondered in his spirit how the fortunes of Iran might be retrieved. 1,914 more words


Shahnameh: Byzun and Manijeh

Byzun and Manijeh

Peace reigned again within the borders of Iran, and the sword slept in its scabbard, and Kai Khosrau ordered the world with wisdom. 5,349 more words


Episode 11 - Fara Tabatabai

Our guest today is the wonderful Fara Tabatabai. Fara is counsel in Hughes Hubbard and Reed’s New York office and was one of the youngest lawyers in North America to pass the bar exam. 164 more words


Persian, Iranian, Afghani, Zoroastrian, Bahá’í New Year

This signifies the start of:

  • Year 1397 of the Persian Solar Hijri (SH)
  • Year 175 of the Bahá’í Era (BE)
  • 592 more words
New Beginnings