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Listening to White Noise

I was having breakfast at a restaurant this morning, seated near a table of people (genders will not be revealed) who were gabbing incessantly. The conversation was about the usual stuff: places they had been, what they’d seen there, and, most importantly, whether or not their experience had been good or bad. 629 more words

Zoroastrianism and The Legacy of Zarathushtra

by Mahbod Khanbolouki There was a time when the philosophy of oneness, one entity and one universal power emerged out of the polytheistic teachings. The Persian words goftare nik, pendare nik, kerd… 7 more words


5 Things to Look Forward to in a Parsi Wedding

Well, before you drift into a daydream about Prawn patio and Chicken farcha, let’s talk a bit about rituals in a Parsi wedding – yes that’s where you can have all these delicacies! 14 more words


Surti gave mystical insights into the Avesta

“In the Avestha, Zarathustra’s words are preserved as hymns. Many Parsis were unaware of their deeper meaning until Behramshah gave a mystical explanation of these hymns. 13 more words