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Yazd and Zoroastrianism

The city of Yazd is clearly associated with Zoroastrianism, dominant religious worship in Persia until the Arab invasion, which brought the Muslim religion around 633 AD. 834 more words


Metaphysics, Aliens & Earth Cycles of Light and Darkness with Dr. Kion Ahadi

Metaphysics and the chain of alien wisdom that has continued from prehistory to the modern age is explored with author Dr. Kion Ahadi. How Earth cycles of light and darkness are transitioned by all humans, and spiritual energies can be exploited by charismatic figures, reptilians, and religious founders–including L. 263 more words


Jazd. Ich ciała rozdziobią sępy

Krajobraz wyglądał jak scenografia “Gry o tron”. Dokładniej jak któreś z miast Essos, najlepiej takie, gdzie Daenerys jeszcze nie zniosła niewolnictwa, a ludzie oddają cześć dawnym bogom. 704 more words

Jedziemy Do Azji

How the Essence of Religion Came From Vedic Culture, by Stephen Knapp

(An Excerpt from the book Mysteries of the Ancient Vedic Empire, by Stephen Knapp)

As we look over the various cultures and religions of the world, we may ask if all religious systems are divine. 6,576 more words


iran 3: takht-e soleiman, epicentre of zoroastrianism

The unspoilt expanse of Western Iran is desolate. Its people simple. Barren red mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, in sharp contrast with the clear blue skies above. 743 more words

Beyond The Seven Seas

The Future in the Fire

from The Il-khan’s Wife

(In my novel The Il-khan’s Wife, Gobras is a priest, patriarch of the followers of Zoroaster. Although old and blind, he often has dreams of future events . 363 more words

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kooh-e-khaje (Uschidā)

  • Khwajeh historical site (kooh-e-khaje)

One of the largest mud brick structures of the pre-Islamic period which has covered an area of 40,000 square meters is in the Khwajeh historical site in Sistan and Baluchistan province of Iran.  596 more words