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Sunlands Training SJ

We arrived at Sunlands only moderately late, which was rather impressive given that the wheels had fallen off on the way there. Literally.

Okay, so it was only one wheel, and so there were still two very precarious wheelnuts holding it on, but it was the closest I would ever like to come, thank you very much. 651 more words


Healing Picture Now Contains Negative Energy

Mary wants you to know. We have removed our post from Oct. 23. It was picture of Zorra from Hollow Earth. It now contains negative energy and will not heal you. 36 more words


How to Take Awesome Photos of Your Horse... By Yourself!

I am often alone when playing with my horses and have had to get creative over the years when taking photos. I have all kinds of little tricks to get my horses to LOOK, ears up and eyes bright. 560 more words

Le masque de Zorro - Un film de Martin Campbell

Aujourd’hui, partons en Amérique pour rentrer dans l’univers des superhéros masqués ancienne génération avec Le masque de Zorro, de Martin Campbell.

Le Synopsis

Un jeune voleur, consumé par son envie de vengeance va avoir l’occasion d’incarner son héros d’enfance, le légendaire Zorro. 2,161 more words


Weird Wool Wednesday: who's been eating my socks? + Zorro

This morning I found this:

Then I saw this! The other sock has a hole too:

The culprit:

Now I’m forced to go to the shops and buy thin, factory made, cotton socks! 120 more words