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Bom dia amigos

Hoje estou a fim de fazer uma pesquisa arqueológica cinematográfica e seus desdobramentos no tempo atual. E começo pelo seriado em 13 capítulos Flash Gordon, dirigido, entre outros, por um tal de Frederick Stephani. 412 more words

Dolores Hart and George Hamilton

Dolores Hart (born 20 October 1938): in Hollywood between 1957 and 1963, including Where The Boys Are (1960) with George Hamilton (born 12 August 1939) before retiring from acting to become a Roman Catholic nun.


Busby's NCBD February 4th

People who collect comics have realized for some time now the traditional publishers of comics are not always the purveyors of the books with the best stories. 574 more words

Our Pull Lists

A suitable soundtrack

As I’ve written previously; I started reading comics and graphic novels to get a taste of alternative story telling methods, here’s what I’ve been reading today: 75 more words


The Destiny of Zorro Review

Time to check out one of the classic Wii games that I got from the 5 dollar bin recently. Naturally, these games are typically in the 5 dollar bin for a good reason, but that never deters me from grabbing a game with potential. 1,493 more words


Time to Do a Book Review or Two

In the period of long silence referenced in my last post, I happened to read a fair amount of books (as is my custom). I figured it might make for a good post if I were to do a little bit of reviewing (as has also been my custom, on occasion), so here we go: 604 more words

ADULTMAN: An Origin Story 

Guest writer, Naphtali Rivkin:


Junot Diaz, in The Brief and Wondrous life of Oscar Wao, and Isabella Allende, in her rendition of Zorro, both interweave a bildungsroman with questions of ethnic identity.  2,484 more words