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I preferred the penultimate Girls episode to the finale

Girls finished for good last night. I must admit I’m not sad it’s over and I think that’s because I got those feelings out of the way last week. 495 more words


Girls Finale: Jessa and Shoshanna Won't Appear, Lena Dunham Confirms

Not ready to say goodbye to Girls yet? Well, turns out you’ve already said goodbye to two of the main characters — whether you knew it or not. 290 more words


Girls S06E09 (Goodbye Tour)

There’s a bottle of Floris China Rose perfume on the shelf in Shoshanna’s bathroom and Schmidt’s lavender and sage deodorant by the washbasin.

The Floris perfume, now discontinued, was launched in 2000. 41 more words

Perfumes In Tv Shows

'Girls' Recap: "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?"

Since Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow wrote this episode together, I’m giving them equal amounts of blame and praise. Blame for breaking my heart but also praise for such a beautifully written episode. 883 more words


Was this week's Girls episode the best ever?

I usually write TV pieces when I’m annoyed, disappointed or have a bunch of criticisms so I thought it would make a nice change to write a gushing one full of praise. 413 more words


Five reasons why I'm loving this season of Girls

I haven’t been a consistent fan of Girls – in fact in season two and three I almost quit – but I stuck with it, and that finally paid off in season five, which I thought was  559 more words


To the Ends of the Earth

by Anna Myers

I’d been eighteen for less than three days when I first said it out loud. I’d been thinking it for a long time, but eighteen is when it came to a head and I was forced to lay my cards out in the open. 874 more words