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Zucchini soft taco shells 

LOL! We’ve all been there. Enjoyed our treats a bit too much. For me, it’s Friday nights. I have always used that as my cheat day. 632 more words


Minced chicken & vegetable stirfry noodles

Great & healthy dinner option to welcome spring.

I got given a bag of freshly made flour noodles. Cooking with fresh noodles always makes the best dishes. 136 more words


08-30-15 Oh Onions, Sighs The Wind

in the garden sun of the rainbowed-men,

where the nasturtium champagne flows,

in barrels of zukes and straws made of cukes,

while bubbles of burping beetles and butterflies, 85 more words


Turmeric & Cajun spiced vegetable patties

Sundays are sometimes the day when I prep my lunches for the week ahead. This week, it is vegetable patties for lunch. Simple, healthy & yummy. 85 more words


Raw Vegan Lasagna! 

So sorry I haven’t been posting any content lately, I haven’t been home in over a month and have not really been cooking or using a blender or juicer lately. 232 more words


Shepherd's pie with hash brown base

Cook mashed potatoes as usual. I placed a hash brown in the mini casseroles & place in oven while I brown the mince, shredded carrots & zuchinni. 73 more words


Comfort Food: The Healthy Way!

Before you know it, summer will be gone. And if you’re like me, you’ll soon be craving cozy comfort foods like mac n’cheese, chicken pot pies and aromatic morning pastries, loaves, muffins and scones. 613 more words