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Roast vegetable and quinoa salad

This is such a versatile salad as you can use your left over roast vegetables.  Quinoa can last for days in the fridge so make up a huge batch and have a different quinoa salad each night. 104 more words


♥Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins♥

Despite the fact that I try to maintain a clean diet, I always seem to get one craving the most – chocolate chip muffins! When I’m working out, I try to stay away from lots of sugar and carbs, so I miss out on a lot of yummy treats that I used to have before my eating clean days. 271 more words


Zucchini and apple bread

Original recipe: http://jazzyallergyrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/zucchini-bread.html


I wanted to increase my greens but I also like toast and nut butter as a breakfast / lunch so I decided to try courgette bread. 233 more words


Seafood and zucchini carbonara

Tonight I made my first carbonara. I’ve always been a bit scared of adding a raw egg at the end but after a colleague told me about the dish, I thought I would be brave and have a go! 112 more words


From Meat to Meatless.

Puerco en Adobo from Puebla. I was able to use the rest of the adobo sauce I had made for the Tasajo de Cerdo for this dish. 449 more words


Not your nonnas focaccia: with smashed tomatoes, summer fennel-chicken and green beans

Sometimes disasters can turn into brilliant achievements.

This was the case over the weekend when I was whipping up a batch of sourdough bread dough to make our weekly loaves, and Buddy Bear up on his special helping stool, decided at the exact moment that I turned around to grab some more flour, he would pick up the water filter jug and tip it into our mixing bowl. 1,207 more words

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