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An Italian market 

It’s impossible to have bad food when the ingredients are this good!!!!

In Italy it is all about using the best of the season! That is why their food is just so fresh, simple and delicious. 43 more words

Things I Love

Basic Quick Fridge Pickling Brine (sugar-free!)

We have four kinds of cucumbers growing, and lots of other veg that can be turned into fast and tasty fridge pickles (think green beans, or zucchini & carrot spears). 550 more words


zucchini and potato torte / eating summer

In Mississippi, and most of the deep south, summer usually starts in May. While the rest of the world gets to continue enjoying their cardigans and cool breezes and warm soups, Mississippi residents are living in the early stages of a 3-4 month sauna. 916 more words


Radish Love

Ever since my friend Kathy, at Orchard Hill Farm (Kelowna), told me that the radishes are ready, I’ve been asking people how they feel about radishes.   276 more words

Beef & Zucchini Lasagna

Time to sneak some more veggies into our pasta dish ;) and we’ll talk about bechamel sauce, that some of our friends refer to as “ 626 more words


Zuchinni No Carb Pasta and Dairy Free Creamcado Sauce

I stood in the farmer’s market today going through stall after stall looking over the produce. What happened next was unexpected, exciting and surprising. I reached for zucchini and not just a small amount of zucchini but, quite a bit. 494 more words


Stuffed Mushrooms

A quick, easy, meatless dish that satisfies even my husband’s carnivorous appetite. It has been a challenge to wean him off the 3 meat meals a day diet to an appropriate 3 meat meal a week diet, but with recipes like this it has been a success. 279 more words