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Milton Babbitt: String Quartet no. 2

performed by the Composers Quartet

There was until recently no YouTube Video to share, but one has appeared, and I’m not sure how long it will stay up.  2,540 more words


Who Will Get the Dreary Economy Going? WSJ

Do you want to know why there is inequality? The answer is not the pay of a few score CEOs, it’s right here. Writing in the Wall Street Journal 8-21-15 Mortimer Zuckerman says in part the following and much more of importance. 404 more words

Observations On Life

Magness surveys Jerusalem’s holy sites

One of the oldest cities in existence, Jerusalem straddles the line between antiquity and modernity. It is the beating heart of Abrahamic religions, and it means different things to all those who live there and come to visit. 504 more words


Terkel leads Mystic Heart with Kabbalah meditation

Larry Terkel has meditated everyday, without fail, for the past 45 years.

Closing the season for the Mystic Heart Community Meditation Program, Terkel will lead the class in the Jewish discipline of Kabbalah meditation. 450 more words


Lincoln reimagines the Middle East through Baha’i lens

Not many people know about the Baha’i religion. Some don’t know that it’s an Abrahamic religion — some don’t even know it exists — but Albert Lincoln thinks the religion’s hometown of Haifa, Israel, could serve as a model for peace and coexistence in the Middle East. 577 more words


Ferguson explains religious cooperation in filmmaking process

If Daniel Ferguson’s recent documentaries on two of the holiest sites in the world can teach anything, it’s that, with a shared purpose, mutual goals and establishing trust, people of different backgrounds can achieve anything — be it art or interfaith harmony. 640 more words


Ross, al-Omari to explore prospects for peace in Middle East

The battle to own the land Israel currently controls dates back thousands of years and has been the subject of centuries of bloodshed. It’s a complex conflict with no end in sight, but this isn’t stopping today’s Chautauqua morning lecture speakers from trying. 516 more words