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"Fred Zuckerman Interview - EVERYTHING TEAMSTERS" - Episode 9, Season 1 ft. Kas Schwerdtfeger

Dave & Dustin interview Fred Zuckerman, president of Teamsters Local 89 and last year’s Teamsters United candidate for General President, on the Worker Power Hour. We talk everything Teamsters – the UPS contract fight, the pension crisis, organizing Amazon, hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, and taking a stand against white supremacists. 54 more words

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Good God a Wonderful Philip Roth Novel

My Life as a Man – Philip Roth

When Peter Tarnopol learns that Maureen has died, he is convinced that it’s another plot of hers, a set-up to get him to react callously, and so recorded in his coldness that the alimony judge will slap him with ever greater support obligations, and that he will never never be able to extricate himself from this hell Maureen has created for the two of them. 1,069 more words

Book Review

Hilary and Jackie. Director Anand Tucker 1998

This portrayal of the relationship between  Jacqueline Dupre and her sister, met fulsome praise and bitter criticism when it was released. If you have never met an artist, or a child,  you may experience this film as ‘an astoundingly rich and subtle exploration of sibling rivalry and the volcanic collisions of love and resentment’ ( Stephen HoldenNYT 30.12.98) or as about ‘riding the tiger of genius’ ( Roger Ebert Sunday Times 12.1.99). 585 more words

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