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Hilary and Jackie. Director Anand Tucker 1998

This portrayal of the relationship between  Jacqueline Dupre and her sister, met fulsome praise and bitter criticism when it was released. If you have never met an artist, or a child,  you may experience this film as ‘an astoundingly rich and subtle exploration of sibling rivalry and the volcanic collisions of love and resentment’ ( Stephen HoldenNYT 30.12.98) or as about ‘riding the tiger of genius’ ( Roger Ebert Sunday Times 12.1.99). 585 more words

Hastings Independent Press

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg..

Today I posted the below to my FB page and it set me thinking about you and your FB page set up. Lucky you.  On contemplating the issue of the dumbing down of America which appears to be so front and center at this time in history, I must firmly believe that your FB page set up contributed greatly to this state of affairs.   930 more words


Patient-Specific Guides with a Custom Implant: Is This a Practical Solution?

Joseph Zuckerman, MD

Read complete study: A patient Specific guide for Optimizing custom made glenoid implantation in cases of severe glenoid defects.

These authors studied the ability to implant a custom glenoid component in 10 cadaver glenoids with glenoid defects using patient-specific guides and traditional non-guided techniques. 551 more words