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Love on wings

Flying Ant Day:

The first of the early (antipodean) summer swarms emerged recently in Denmark, Western Australia.

Image at commons.wikimedia.org

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Zugunruhe: Do You Feel It?

Zugunruhe. Do you feel it too? It means “migratory restlessness,” and it’s normally used to describe the behavior of birds and other migratory species as they prepare for their long journeys in spring and fall. 875 more words

Biggest Week In American Birding

A godwit's goodbye

On the airwaves:

Australian comedian and birdwatcher John Clarke and his partner-in-comedy Brian Dawe; an exclusive interview for Birdlife Australia, April 2014.

Leaving on a jet stream

In the departure lounge

It’s autumn (in the southern hemisphere) and Australia is again farewelling its shorebirds. Check out the YouTube link at https://support.birdlife.org.au/emailviewonwebpage.aspx?erid=1226068&trid=d38f4835-aea6-4eff-b902-45aa31d8ad9

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Journey of the Magi

“A cold coming we had of it,
Just the worst time of the year
For a journey, and such a long journey: 336 more words

Departures and arrivals

Waving the waders goodbye from downunder:

‘Saturday, 10 May 2014 marks World Migratory Bird Day for 2014…About 5 million shorebirds make a round trip up to the arctic to breed every year. 507 more words


Defining Zugunruhe

From the German ‘zug’, meaning movement or migration and ‘unruhe’, meaning anxiety, unrest; used by German and English speakers to describe ‘migratory restlessness’, especially in birds. 193 more words