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10/12/17 Rohingya, Welga, and APAture

Tonight, we rebroadcast Salima Hamarani’s segment on the Rohingya refugee crisis and find inspiration in the arts.

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Art And Culture

From Bhutto To Zardari

The PPP under Asif Ali Zardari has lost its founding ideals. From Bhutto to Zardari, it has been a long and tragic story of the once the most powerful political force in the country falling into decay.

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A Leaf From History: The Prime Minister Is Hanged

As narrated by Col Rafiuddin in his book Bhutto Kay Aakhri 323 Din (The last 323 days of Bhutto), the jail superintendent visited Bhutto at 6.30pm in his cell, along with a witness. 27 more words


The Untold Story Of India’s Decision To Release 93,000 Pakistani POWs After 1971 War

What motivated Mrs Gandhi to release the POWs? What went on behind the scenes? Were there any compelling circumstances at play that have remained unreported? If there were any, ideally they should be brought into the public domain, so that future generations may benefit from the lessons of history.

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Who Was Yahya Khan?

In August 1977, a small crew from Pakistan Television (PTV), visited a house of a former general of the Pakistan Army. The general had also been the country’s president between March 1969 and December 1971. 39 more words


Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

  1. Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

While Bhutto’s legacy is contentious, his party, the PPP, remains one of the largest in Pakistan and his daughter Benazir Bhutto emerged as two times prime minister after winning the Pakistani General elections of 1988 following Zia’s death and she successfully led her party to victory in the 1993 parliamentary elections. 189 more words

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

1.2 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

  1. Operation Grandslam
  2. Tashkent Agreement onward
  3. Contentious Legacy of Bhutto
  4. Second Islamic Summit Conference

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