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Who Was Yahya Khan?

In August 1977, a small crew from Pakistan Television (PTV), visited a house of a former general of the Pakistan Army. The general had also been the country’s president between March 1969 and December 1971. 39 more words


Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

  1. Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

While Bhutto’s legacy is contentious, his party, the PPP, remains one of the largest in Pakistan and his daughter Benazir Bhutto emerged as two times prime minister after winning the Pakistani General elections of 1988 following Zia’s death and she successfully led her party to victory in the 1993 parliamentary elections. 189 more words

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

1.2 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

  1. Operation Grandslam
  2. Tashkent Agreement onward
  3. Contentious Legacy of Bhutto
  4. Second Islamic Summit Conference

Notes and Principal Sources

 1.2 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto… 473 more words

'Udas Naslen' by Nazeer A. Chaudhry

The student body was radicalized not only in one town but all over Pakistan. It had more or less became a part of the general upheaval which had spread all over the globe. 1,827 more words


Bangladesh: How the East Was Lost

Here’s a video of an independence advocate ringing the bell on Indian TV:

Long story short, there aren’t a lot of useful parallels between East Pakistan and Balochistan.  8,298 more words


The 'Blood Telegram' - a review

The book, ‘Blood Telegram’ by Gary Bass came out in 2013. Three years later, I began reading it towards the end of my summer break in the US and finished it on the return flight to Chennai. 1,133 more words