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Bangladesh: How the East Was Lost

Here’s a video of an independence advocate ringing the bell on Indian TV:

Long story short, there aren’t a lot of useful parallels between East Pakistan and Balochistan.  8,298 more words


The 'Blood Telegram' - a review

The book, ‘Blood Telegram’ by Gary Bass came out in 2013. Three years later, I began reading it towards the end of my summer break in the US and finished it on the return flight to Chennai. 1,133 more words

Is Turkey Following Pakistan's Descent Into Islamization?: Erdogan's power grab recalls Pakistan's military dictator, Zia ul-Haq.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s oppressive response to July’s failed coup attempt – in which he sacked thousands of government officials and journalists in a sweeping purge – threatens to drive the nominally secular Turkish state further down the path of Islamist totalitarianism. 220 more words


Today in South Asian history: the Indo-Pakistani War and Bangladesh Liberation War both end (1971)

India and Pakistan have fought no fewer than four full-on wars since the two nations came into being in 1947. Where the 1971 war stands out from the others is that it had nothing (directly, at least) to do with the disputed region of Kashmir. 1,670 more words