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Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar Has Copies Of New Book Seized By Police

On Valentine’s Day, Malaysian authorities seized 200+ copies of controversial cartoonist Zunar’s new book before its official launch party because it satirizes the prime minister’s wife. 226 more words


Freedom campaign launched in defence of jailed Malaysian opposition leader

Malaysians are coming to terms with the fact that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been sent to jail for five years on a charge of sodomy. 2,908 more words


The Cartoonists Rights Network International

Last week’s news about the deaths of 12 people of the Charlie Hebdo magazine has sent a shock wave in the political cartooning community. The death of the staff due to Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons by Islamic extremists is an assault on the freedom of expression that is one of the foundations of a thriving democracy. 1,013 more words

Zunar: Terrorism is unacceptable

By Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque (“Zunar”)

I strongly condemn the killing of four cartoonists from the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine. Acts of violence, barbarity and brutality are against Islamic teaching. 209 more words


The Asian Institute / Crane House

Today we went to theĀ Asian Institute / Crane House and it was interesting. There were 2 rooms full of cartoons by Zunar. He is a Malaysian political cartoonist and his cartoons are mostly about the Malaysian government. 153 more words