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About Me

Oh hey, welcome to my page! I’m Zuni, a second year doctoral student who enjoys all things food, beauty, and adventure related. I founded The PhDream to educate others about this career path, stimulate meaningful dialogue around important issues that are often neglected in our communities, such as mental health and sexual violence, and also document this (long but worthy) journey to my PhD. 396 more words


Hair Removal: Shaving, Creams, Threading, Waxing, Epilating, and Laser Hair Removal

There comes a point in almost every girl’s life where she questions, “Where the heck is all this hair coming from??” And as a brown girl, the hair problem only darkens (haha…ha). 2,661 more words


Welcome to The PhDream

Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to find a career path that I truly enjoy and will allow me to make my mark in the world. 776 more words


Third Gender - Mahabharata to Nommo, fluidity in Myth & Legend

Two Spirit People

As traditions go, the emancipation of gender has proven to be as kindred to the First People’s heart as to the rains, whose nourishing sigma made fertile desert to prairie – and wild as the winds that carried them – a liberal ethos in an era mired by austere principles.   257 more words

Zuni Buffalo Dance Bookends by Freddie Leekya

This is the perfect time to tell the story behind our Freddie Leekya Bookends. Freddie Leekya is the grandson of renowned Zuni Master Carver, Leekya Deyuse.   394 more words


Zuni Fetish: Living Stones

In the distance silver helmets and breastplates reflected the brilliant July sun, as Spanish soldiers mounted on majestic Lipizzaner stallions marched toward me in a swirling cloud of dust.  2,758 more words


What are Ranger Belts and Ranger Buckle Sets ?

In the mid 1800s, the Texas Rangers developed the Ranger Belt. It was designed so that they could carry a large, heavy sidearm, usually the Colt Walker, which had a holster that required a wide belt. 491 more words

Native American