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Zuni Buffalo Dance Bookends by Freddie Leekya

This is the perfect time to tell the story behind our Freddie Leekya Bookends. Freddie Leekya is the grandson of renowned Zuni Master Carver, Leekya Deyuse.   394 more words


Zuni Fetish: Living Stones

In the distance silver helmets and breastplates reflected the brilliant July sun, as Spanish soldiers mounted on majestic Lipizzaner stallions marched toward me in a swirling cloud of dust.  2,758 more words


What are Ranger Belts and Ranger Buckle Sets ?

In the mid 1800s, the Texas Rangers developed the Ranger Belt. It was designed so that they could carry a large, heavy sidearm, usually the Colt Walker, which had a holster that required a wide belt. 491 more words

Native American

Artifact of the Week

Walpi Polychrome pottery bowl, unsigned, Hopi

clay, slip, natural paints

ca. 1920, North America

Rich in iron, Hopi clay pottery can fire from cream to light red in color. 119 more words


DAY 80

Constantly updating our home to make it homey and fun!

Silver lining

Let’s talk  Native American-made jewelry. Its got its own special kind of magic. It’s huge and small, ornate and incomplex, fundamentally storied and mystical. 537 more words


Title: Bears Ears an Gold Butte National Monuments

Author: President Obama

Location: Utah + Nevada, USA

Year of designation: 2016

This literal monument does not evoke or resemble a historical figure, or event, moment or cause, detached memory or symbolic body. 404 more words