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Social Networking: Comparing Facebook to Zurker

I came across this great article on the web today, and since I am a huge Zurker fan, I thought I would share.

The author has provided a thorough and informative comparison between Zurker & Google. 97 more words


stream of consciousness


the following is a long rambling post written over two days. 
21.8.13 wednesday
I joined zurker, thinking it is like a blogging platform, but have realised now that it is a social network. 2,064 more words

Have You Zurker Yet ?

Zurker  first launched in December 1, 2011 in the US,UK, India, Philippines and New Zealand. Since then it has taken the web by storm. 192 more words


Zurker | The next Facebook may be the social scam.

In the world of social networking, keeping in touch with distant friends and relatives before the computer screens have become common all the days. While Facebook has become a prone to online socializers. 116 more words


Social Networking Sites

While there are ample social media sites that we are spending our time, there are new social media sites out there that are launched with a twist and media attention. 224 more words

Social Media Management Services


The green, new and friendly ZURKER, is forming a new SOCIAL NETWORK

For now it is in Beta testing, and you can only join via Invitation… 249 more words

Hello my fellow fans & Tweets. I'm invi

Hello my fellow fans & Tweets. I’m inviting you to join up with Zurker. Click the link. http://ow.ly/bvsXP

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