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Food 9

Country Hunter Turkey and Rabbit

Price: 0.82 pounds / 15 RMB per 85 g

Content: turkey 62%, rabbit 34%, black currant 1%, cranberry 1%, spirulina 0.5%, catnip 0.01%, yucca extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract, rosemary extract. 88 more words


Food 8

AniForte LandChicken chicken with pumpkin

Price: 1.99 euro for 200g

Content: 70.0% chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken kidney, and chicken breasts (? I am not sure if Google gave me the right translation…); 27.4% chicken broth, and 2% pumpkin. 114 more words


Food 7

Auenland Rindfleisch-Thunfisch-Häppchen ( beef and tuna)

Price: 2.59 euro/ 36 RMB

Content: beef muscle 75%, tuna 10%, carrots, rapeseed oil, ground oyster shell. 85% of pure meat is not bad at all. 126 more words


Food 6

Edenfood Bio Ziege (organic goat)

First day of lunar calendar new year oho!

Shared a big dinner with families last night, of course that includes Zweig~ This glass can specially reserved for this occasion 😎 and naturally he finished them all. 130 more words


How I choose cat cans

Now here are the standards I take into account and will enlist in my following writings:

1. High protein & low carb: proteins above 45%, fat around 30~40%, and no more than 12% of carbs. 359 more words


Food 5

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Turkey Dinner


About 15 yuan for 100g.

This is the only patch of Lily’s Kitchen products I got before the packing changed from 100 g to 85 g. 204 more words