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Watch Footage Of Slayer Covering Led Zeppelin & ZZ Top At Recent Soundchecks

Slayer have been playing some covers during some recent VIP soundchecks. You can find some fan-filmed footage of them taking on Led Zeppelin‘s “Rock And Roll” in Dawson Creek, BC and ZZ Top‘s “Tush” in Raleigh, NC below:

[via Blabbermouth}


Can a record change your life?

“Can you believe we are really here?”

That was our theme throughout our European adventure.

“Can you believe we are in this hotel room with Paul Size?” “Can you believe we are watching ZZ Top in this tennis area?” “Can you believe we are in the middle-of-nowhere, England?” “Can you believe we are in the Borderline?” 1,319 more words

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#490 - Z.Z. Top, "Tres Hombres"


Beard, beard, and Frank Beard, to be more specific.

Everyone’s first thought when ZZ Top is mentioned is, Oh yeah, those bearded guys. Which is understandable, considering that ZZ Top was rockin’ epic facial hair way before most of you hipsters were even born. 612 more words


Souvenirs, the week after

We are still unpacking suitcases (and our brains, a little bit) a week after seeing The Red Devils for the first time in 25 years. 11 more words

Red Devils

Loretta Sisco on Alice Cooper's Paranormal

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Alice Cooper fan, from the time I raided my big brother’s room and absconded with his… 707 more words


Chasing the Devils’ Tale: Tour dispatches from Europe (parts 1-7)

Nofightin.com is following The Red Devils on tour through Europe, whether they like it or not. Come here for our dispatches from every show as we go. 3,365 more words

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