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Tyrant Bowl [Dreadball] Tournament Report

Last weekend, myself and 3 fellow Vanguardians jumped in a tiny arse Vauxhall Corsa and embarked on a 2 and a half hour journey to the deep darklands of Wales to take part in the first tournament to be held by the… 1,177 more words


Dreadball - Meet the Z'zorlanders

Having been in a half completed state for the best part of 6 months, I finally pulled my finger out and got to finishing these. The main reason as I want to play these at the upcoming… 137 more words


Dreadball: The Locust City Chiefs (the Z'zor team)

The Z’zor are one of the stranger teams in Dreadball with some pretty odd abilities and stats.  Their obvious strength is their survivability with each player having the Can’t Feel a Thing special ability to automatically remove one die of injury when making an Armor roll.  1,476 more words

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My Dreadball Teams

I like to create back stories and additional fluff for the games I play.  Dreadball is no exception.  For my teams (and even the ones I don’t have yet) I have created little back stories about the organization and and even some details on the city and stadium they play home games at.  2,028 more words

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A review of Dreadball

At this point, I have only played a few games of Dreadball to include entering a tournament, but I would like to give my thoughts of the game as a whole. 2,876 more words

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Dreadball - Z'zor Finished!

That’s another team under my belt and ready to play. Almost? Even though they are pretty much done, theres still a couple of things I need some time to ponder over, first up is a name(which I always struggle with) and secondly the bases. 103 more words

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Dreadball - More Z'zor!

Heres another wee update on the Z’zor and the extra details I’ve added. Got the eyes and the reds done and dusted, but only just got the Turqouise bits started: 84 more words

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