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The 15 Best Nonfiction Books of the Year So Far

From a personal examination of the modern definition of spinsterhood to an exploration of the internet’s dark and secret places, literary and journalistic nonfiction has gone to incredibly varied places this first half of the year. 943 more words


10 of the Best Nightclub Scenes in Cinema

Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden opens this weekend — her new film set during the EDM scene in ’90s France. It features portrayals of several real-life DJs, including Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. 651 more words


Every Steven Spielberg Movie, Ranked

Forty years ago this week, Universal Pictures released the film adaptation of a pulpy bestseller and watched as it became a hit beyond their wildest dreams — breaking box office records, changing the movie business forever, and turning its director from a promising young hotshot into one of the most bankable filmmakers in the business. 3,123 more words


50 of Film Noir's Most Fashionable Moments

This summer, our own film editor Jason Bailey is leading a course study discussion group for TCM’s film noir class Into the Darkness (free and online), taught by Richard L. 1,029 more words


'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Finale Recap: "Mother's Mercy"

What a happy, uplifting episode! Arya gets her sweet revenge, Jaime and Myrcella have a bonding moment, and everyone’s OTP is finally reunited. (Varion 4eva!!!!) I feel totally satisfied by “Mother’s Mercy” and fully prepared to go ten months without any follow-up to that final shot. 1,335 more words


The Worst Canonical Kids' Books and What to Replace Them With

Recently over at Slate, Gabriel Roth made a very good argument for the basic awfulness of Janette Sebring Lowrey’s The Poky Little Puppy, postulating that the only reason that book and books like it persist in our cultural consciousness is because of the nostalgia effect — my mom read this to me, so I’d better read it to my kids, etc. 1,367 more words


Vile Comments Are the Most Important Part of Emma Sulkowicz's Graphic New Video

The power of Emma Sulkowicz’s Carry That Weight mattress performance art/protest project is undeniable, even to critics who derided the artist as Mattress Girl — her work spawned dozens of news items, profiles, and imitation protests, both clever and ill-informed, across American campuses.  1,119 more words