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Wasp in the Tissue Box

With summer’s arrival it’s been a blessing to be able to open my window and listen to the bird song. Unfortunately for the first time yesterday this brought the inevitable zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz: a curious incomer, a very large wasp. 118 more words


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Three Times To Sleep (2016)

1. Morning.
2. Afternoon.
3. In the middle, of the night.
As a rule-
Depending on your schedule.


Surgical Subspecialty Wrap-Up Part 3 of 3: Anesthesia

“The only difference between what we do every day and killing someone is that we keep breathing for our patients.” – Anesthesia attending physician

That’s a picture of my roommate, after he had clearly fallen asleep in my bed back in college.¬†

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Sleeping Positions 

We do this every single day yet we may be sleeping wrong. I wake up with back, neck or shoulder pain and my simple answer to myself if I’ve slept wrong. 28 more words

The Haunting Trails of Sleep Deprivation

Last Sunday, my mom made me do chores beyond my knowledge. Undeniably, the chores were considerably light. I believe I can finish them in just a dripping second. 69 more words