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Deal 1313: Dates.

I opened my eyes, and there we were at diner. It might have been our first date. Or an alternative version of it. Nice place. A bit expensive for our means at the time, but that is what one does on a first date. 270 more words

Daily Deal

Day Four: Saint☆Oniisan (MotM 2018)

Time constraints closing in. I’ll keep this one brief, despite the relative strangeness of its synopsis. 251 more words



WE LET THEM LIE AND CATCH THOSE ZZZZs. We wouldn’t want them too exhausted to beg for cookies or race around tearing up the joint, would we? 60 more words


Entry #26: Tamayura Hitotose (SoA 2017)

(Recommended by FD.)

What I expected was Girlfriend (Kari). What I got was closer in quality to Kamichu!. There’s a certain serenity to slice-of-life titles that don’t incorporate a lot of comedy to distill the lethargic blissfulness of everyday nature. 1,016 more words


Zzzlam Poetry!

This past week, we had the opportunity to attend our classmates’ poetry event, appropriately dubbed “Zzzlam Poetry!” These four individuals pictured above did a splendid job spreading awareness about sleep through the art of spoken word and through many endearingly lame sleep jokes. 247 more words