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Sleeping Positions 

We do this every single day yet we may be sleeping wrong. I wake up with back, neck or shoulder pain and my simple answer to myself if I’ve slept wrong. 28 more words

The Haunting Trails of Sleep Deprivation

Last Sunday, my mom made me do chores beyond my knowledge. Undeniably, the chores were considerably light. I believe I can finish them in just a dripping second. 69 more words


putting this to bed
calming thyself
to pleasant sleep
drifting, relaxing
allowing these thoughts
to rest
my dreams will bring
this kind of love
back to me again

Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash


Carpe Noctem

I love staying up late.
Between the hours of 12am to 5am
the world is so quiet.

I have no one to answer to and no consequences to fear. 37 more words

The Kara For Friends.

Insomnia and I are Best Friends....

I find that insomnia has become my best friend. We hang out in the wee hours at night going into morning and then she leaves me around four o’clock. 90 more words


tidur serakah

Beginilah gaya tidur aku setiap malam. Sebisa mungkin menguasai seluruh ranjang. Terus raka yang baru pulang lembur pun bingung mau tidur di mana. Terus foto foto aku lagi bobo sama madre deh.

Virgillyan Ranting Areythuza



I want to write.

I want to blog.

I want to share stories.

But I am just too tired.

My brains are tired.

I need to rest and get some sleep. 9 more words

King Nad